Monday, September 29, 2008

Our BIG trip across AFRICA!!!

We left Port Elizabeth on Thursday the 25th a little late because of having to change a tire in our car. We are going to be on the road for 20 days, visiting churches, seeing the beautiful country and just spending time with each other. I am going to try and keep you updated as much as I can.

The first day we drove, well, Tyler drove all day until we got to a place named Aliwal north which is about 3 hours from the Lesotho border. We were supposed to drive all the way to Lesotho but since we left late we decided to spend the night at a hotel.
The next morning we took off early and got to Lesotho, we entered through a border that not many people use so it was a very little house with just one worker in is just a little interesting how you can get in and out of some countries so easily. After that we drove through the country and saw a lot of beautiful mountains, some Basotho herders wearing traditionbal blankets around them and sitting on their staffs, it was pretty interesting. When we got to Maseru (the capital of Lesotho) we drove through some markets and saw some cows and sheep walking the streets along with all the vendors and cars.

I have never really been out camping, I know it's sad, but anyways... we got to our camp grounds and put up our tent successfully (with some help) and waited for some people to come visit us. We had a good night of laughs and good conversation around the fire in the rondoval that Ken and Judy were staying in. This is where it gets a little interesting, we woke up the next day to find out that we didn't have water, as far as I know the whole city didn't have water and I had not washed my hair the day before so we were all stinky and rough looking which I guess is part of a true "camping" experience, ha ha.
We had an ex AIMer, Jackie and family invite us to their house for a braai (African Bbq) which we decided to go to. Lesotho is where Kris and Barb (AIM director and wife) went to their field during their AIM time so it was pretty cool to get to see the fruit of their work so many years after. Anyways, we went to the braai and found out that it was the day where students were graduating from University, it is a pretty big deal here because not a lot of people get to graduate from school. There were celebrations all around in the neighborhood, and we were invited to them... in our hats in jeans we headed to the parties, we were guests of honor and got fed about 3 times. Good times. We ended the day by eating again about 10 o'clock at night and falling asleep pretty fast in our wonderful tent.

There was water the next day and it was wonderful. I drove this time headed to Johannesburg to attend the South African Bible School (SABS) lectureships. We are staying in the dorms and helping out with the youth along with auditing classes.
Thank you for reading!
OH, I almost forgot... today Tara, Diana and I went to the store and found Dr. Peppers!!! We were so happy it was a bit ridiculous to see us. I sat in the car and opened my Dr. Pepper and loved taking a sip of it. I started driving and commented "I could drive on the wrong side of the road now" and I pulled out on the wrong side of the rode just to hear Diana saying my name and Tara mentioning how much this felt like home... don't worry, there were no cars coming so it was all good. We laughed very hard and enjoyed our Dr. Peppers.

Until next time, God Bless you!

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